Excellent excursion opportunities are available as below which will be conducted on December 1 (Sat.).
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[Half day walking tour to Mihamaen] course

Mihamaen is a traditional Japanese garden located in the midst of Makuhari city area. It is carefully maintained and there are beautiful stone paths, gardens, small brooks, and a peaceful pond. You can also enjoy Japanese green tea at a traditional tea house.


12:30 Depart Makuhari
12:45 Wander around Mihamaen *Enjoy Japanese tea and sweets
14:15 Dismiss at Makuhari
*No meal included

[1 Day tour to “Koedo” Sawara] course
Katori Shrine is a popular Shinto shrine. It’s oldest standing structures are its black painted main building and vermilion gate, which date from the year 1700.
*”Koedo” means “small old Tokyo”. You can see historic landscapes. Enjoy boat cruise on Ono River which goes through the center of the town. Visit Japanese Sake brewery and join factory tour which you can taste Sake in the end!

9:00 Depart Makuhari
10:00 Katori Shrine
11:30 “Koedo” Sawara *Enjoy lunch, experience boat cruise and visit Japanese Sake brewery
17:00 Dismiss at Makuhari
*Lunch included
[Cruise in Port of Chiba] course
Port of Chiba is one of the busiest and largest ports in Japan. Upper deck of the ferry is preferred to enjoy the breeze while admiring the industrial and city views.
*Chiba Port Tower is at 125 meters tall, which overlooks the seascape and offers incredible views from the top.

12:30 Depart Makuhari
13:30 Cruise in Port of Chiba
15:10 Chiba Port Tower
17:00 Dismiss at Makuhari
*No meal included
[1 Day tour to Nihon-ji & Nokogiri-yama] course

Nihon-ji is a Buddhist temple located on the slopes of Nokogiri-yama and is known for its Nihon-ji Daibutsu, a 31 m (102 ft) high stone buddha sculpture.
*Nokogiri-yama is a sacred saw-shaped mountain which is home to the biggest stone Buddha in Japan and hundreds of small Arhat statues. The mountain is also famous for a jagged overhang called “Jigoku-Nozoki”.

9:00 Depart Makuhari
10:30 Nihon-ji & Nokogiri-yama
12:20 Lunch
14:00 Japanese Sake brewery
15:30 Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu (Shopping)
18:00 Dismiss at Makuhari
*Lunch included
[1 Day tour to Tokyo Disney Land] course

Tokyo Disney Land is the world famous theme park where you will discover enchanted lands of Fantasy and Adventure, Yesterday and Tomorrow. It is an eternal source of joy, laughter, inspiration, and imagination to the people of the world.

9:00 Depart Makuhari
9:30 Tokyo Disney Land
17:30 Dismiss at Makuhari
*No meal includedHow to apply

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